Artist Statement

Calen Thomas Pick

Art has always been my passion. The urge to create has always influenced me to focus. It seems, to me, that when I start a project my mind becomes occupied with the task or tasks on hand, and not much else.
Much can be expressed through any creative medium that can’t be spoken in words. More feeling can be elicited instantly when looking at artwork. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder; as humanity lives from generation to generation our innate sense of beauty seems to change?
Art can express ideas and emotion with obvious understanding or call upon the viewer to experience a ghostly memory or idea. Much of how I create art is based on my need to see the world in my own way. Sometimes, ideas flow through my mind that seem to be glimpses into something greater. It is nice to be able to create art that surrounds these feelings or ideas. The fact that all thoughts may not be analyzed makes it necessary to satisfy the need for truth or organization in the physical world. I realize that we may not always be able to explain our individual experience as it is created by our senses.
What I have gathered through years of experience is that I am always at a crux; I always have to walk a thin line. Too far to one side means insanity, the other complacency and ignorance. I think there are many who know what I say and who would agree: to master our minds is to master our worlds.
Art is my outlet to relax and concentrate at the same time. For me the ability to satisfy my perfectionism is the creation of something solid and beautiful from something very intangible. Whatever that creation is, I say it is art.

Thinking back to the early days after being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, I see that my goal of attaining perfection is still as far away now as it was then.
I use art as a means to cultivate a healthy perspective, working on my ability to focus or even improve motor control. I chase the joy I know only by creating, or just thinking at my best.
There is a moment when standing in front of a painting that everything falls together. I become my healthiest me. This is success for me.
I know perfection of any kind is balanced on a razors edge and ultimately "in the eye of the beholder".
So, perfection, is making the right choices in real time, whether making lines on a canvas or having the confidence to be who I know I can be.
It's all relative.
I'm comfortable with that now. That's a big change from way back when, when I struggled to attain the most elusive part of myself: My best in my own eyes.
I've let go, and that's the key for me.
Plus: There's always more to the story.

14 years of evolution

About Calen Pick

Calen Pick is an experienced artist. Specializing in oil painting and woodwork, he has been developing his craft and creatively evolving for over 14 years. In every piece that he creates, he pours all of his energy into it. And that’s why his art speaks volumes for itself. Rely on his craftsmanship of carpentry, his artistic approach to oil painting and his years of experience to bring your creative dreams to life.